"Drawing involves a number of elements –textures, lighting, detail where it is required, a sense of conformation and movement when drawing animals and the ability to make you believe the drawing reflects reality. Sheona successfully combines all and more."

Mike Sibley – Sibley Fine Art – North Yorkshire, England.


"It is uncanny, the life that Sheona breathes into her drawings. Finnigan’s portrait quivers with anticipation, his damp little nose samples the air, the light gently caresses his fur, his gaze is patient and clear, all while waiting for us to repeat the question “Wanna go for a walk?” I half expect his portrait to leap up alongside the real dog, both of them demanding respective spins around the block. (At least I don’t have to pick up after the portrait!)"

Kimberly Santini – Painting a Dog a Day- Michigan, USA


“Sheona’s portrait and scenarios avoid backgrounds in order to better focus on her subjects’ most vital qualities. All extraneous details have been rooted out of her work, reflecting an aesthetic of purity whereby every one of her pieces (and each compositional element within them) express a power an authenticity, on multiple levels: emotional, pictorial and perceptual.”

Adam Eisenstat - Writer/Communications Strategist – New York, USA


"The artist has an amazing gift of drawing out the soul of her models and depicting it in away that anyone would appreciate. I am in awe – AGAIN!”"

Sebrina White -  Las Vegas, USA


"Sheona has a gift for capturing the essence of her subjects in black and white. Her pencil drawings are powerful yet gentle renderings of animals and people."

Holly Bedrosian - Holly Bedrosian Fine Art, New England, USA


"Le souci du détail, l’admirable maîtrise du crayon noir et la force du réalisme confèrent à l’oeuvre de Sheona une sensibilité emprunte de poésie dans un univers qui lui est cher." 

Christophe Remacle - Froidchapelle, Belgium


" An Sheona’s Bildern kann man erkennen, mit wieviel Emotion und Ambition sie an Ihre Arbeiten herangeht. Iher Bilder leben regelrecht und die Originale sind bis aufs kleinste Detail hundertprozentig getroffen."

Nicole Uphoff-Selke – Nicole Uphoff – Duisburg, Germany.


" Sheona Hamilton-Grant is known as the Queen of Graphite amongst friends and those who know her work. I believe rightly so as I am amazed at what Sheona is able to create using only pencils. Her work stands out for it’s precision, general harmony, facial expression, vitality and character of her subjects."

Susan Leyland – Equine Sculptures – Florence, Italy.


"Sheona is one of these rare artists who can capture her subject in black and white but clearly show the colour! With a strong sense of line and form she does a bang up job of conveying depth, volume and perspective . She is an artist who merits watching!" 

Kathi Peters – Kathi Peters Fine Art – Maine, USA


"When you limit your palette, you expand the possibilities. You can come hone in on the elements that are most important without the distraction of colour. People have said they can feel warmth and sunlight in my photographs. That is quite a feat I think and I feel it baking down in “Out of the Dust”."

Juliet Harrison – Juliet R Harrison Photography - New York, USA 


"A true virtuoso of her craft, Sheona Hamilton-Grant is inspiring to those of us who work in the same medium. Her attention to detail captures the spirit and essence of her subjects, adding life and character.  The quality of line and her ability to push subtle values from light to dark, add drama and interest to her images, drawing the viewer in for a closer look. Eye candy for the soul, her book will definitely find a home in my collection!" 

Patricia Getha – Fine Art and Photography – Ohio, USA


"Sheona’s work is amoung the most exquisite graphite I have seen. She beautifully renders both animasl and the human form with equal skill, and her drawings never fail to make an emotional connection."

Linda Shantz – Equine Art and Animal Portraits – Ontario, Canada


"Sheona is my favorite graphite artist by far. The images she creates look as though they will leap off the page. As a horse lover and previous owner, I can tell you that Sheona has captured the intricate details that make up the beautiful creature. Although I am a cat person, her canine drawings could make me become a cat owner again. As I say to Sheona frequently, “You’ve got mad drawing skills gal!”

Lisa M Rodgers – Shoot Ya’ll Photography - South Carolina, USA


"I just love this piece! (Forgotten Son) I loved it from the first moment I saw it on the digital photo. I like it even better when I saw it in person, and I love it yet more now that it is framed and hanging on my wall.”

Tom Chase, Kansas, USA