A (he)arty welcome.

My name is Sheona (pronounced [sh ee OH n ah] ), I’m an artist with a passion for monochrome imagery.

Black & White art makes me happy.

Black & white rocks!

Over the last decades, my passion for drawing has educated me on patience, enlightened me to the power of observation, allowed me to form a world based on genuine beauty.

My Story

I’m a self-taught (well life-taught) image maker. I studied business in college, worked a few gigs in marketing & real-estate before landing in the middle of the elite equestrian world grooming and riding for the best of the best (yes, every little girl’s dream).

After graduating, life, love & a strong sense of adventure swept me off into a world of horses, travel, art, flying, motherhood and photography.

Drawing made it’s way into my life, unplanned, in my carefree twenties.

Little did I know I would have such an amazing art career. Between my strong passion and commitment to my art came hundreds of private commissioned portraits, international solo and group exhibitions, publications, multiple awards … even a television appearance.

What I do

I draw (& photograph) realistic complex black & white (always) portraits of horses (mainly) and dogs (because they are so darned cute). I create unique and bespoke images of our beloved equines and canines, immortalise their individual magic.

My Core beliefs

  • Keep it real. Everyone deserves an amazing portrait

  • Quality over quantity. Less is more and so much better

  • Keep it simple. Monochrome & pencil… always

  • Make it better. Never stop learning, pushing boundaries: there’s always room for improvement

  • Never stop growing. Challenge yourself…daily

My Guaranty

Authenticity has always been and will always be at the heart of everything I accomplish, everything I visualise.

Every single piece (be it graphite or pixels) that leaves my studio is created with heaps of love, deep insight and real appreciation.