Pinned to the edge...

of my comfort zone.

I went big and warped the rules composition as much as possible.

I craved for a new angle. An angle that would emphasise all the strength and power of this amazing horse but also an angle that would defy compositional rules and regulations.

Pinned to the edge was one of my hardest challenges yet. The knowledge of my subject (we've met over seven times on the drawing board) and the energy he ignites in me kept me smiling and my pencils fervantly scribbling.

The rest was hard, very hard.

The proportions were hard, the dynamics were hard,  cracking rules to create drama was hard.

Operating for weeks out of a zone of familiarity, uncomfortably hard.

Stepping back, pencils paused, and calling it done: hard. 

Letting it out of the safety of the studio into the world to face reactions: super hard!

One thing though that is in no way hard:  endorsing the claim ... pencils rock!



Pinned to the Edge, pencil on paper 46x43 cm