Drawing Recipe

I posted this a few years back but it still hold so true today!

Here's my recipe, a list of the ingredients needed to create a finished drawing.



  • 1 sheet of Mellotex paper, whole
  • 3 clutch pencils, filled (6B, 2B &2H)
  • 1/2 piece of Blu-Tack
  • 1 gorgeous subject (1.1 tones/2425 lb)
  • 12 finely detailed digital photographs
  • XL Foam board
  • Artist Tape
  • 1 Linkin Park cd
  • 2 Marillion cds
  • Collectors Edition Pink Floyd
  • 1,5l of drinking water (daily)
  • 3 nespresso coffees (daily)
  • Preheated studio to 19 ºC = 66.2 ºF.
  • 65 hours of drawing time.
  • Freshly ground passion.


In a warm studio, over angled drawing board, outline subject and study eyes, movement and light. Add a pinch of passion and bring inner vision to a simmer.
Place paper on foam board. Tape corners with artist tape. Secure and set aside.
Turn on music.
Review sketch and bring to parchment. Begin eyes to get a perfect expression.
On a clear drawing board, under good light, add more work to overall subject. Pin down the darks and gradually stir in the lighter values. Allow the lighter grays melt into the drawing, and then add detail to the mix. Work gently for approximately 65 hours until the values are completely coated with details.
Finish with a pinch of zeal and a crack of freshly ground passion.
Serve immediately.